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With a sense of visual effects and inspiration of traditional board games such as "Othello," and more modern word games such as "Rumble", we have created a very entertaining game we call "Connectus".

Connectus is as addictive as it is simple. You must convert all the white blocks to black, by touching them. After doing so the level is completed and you are progressing to the next one. The only rule is that you can only touch the blocks side by side with the block you last touched, directly or diagonally adjacent. Does it sound simple? It's simple, very simple. At least in the beginning ;)


To give the game environment a much more dynamic feeling than similar games does, we livened up the background with advanced visual particle effects along with atmospheric music.


As if this were not enough, Connectus with its 30 levels are absolutely free to play!

There is also a possibility to buy over 50 more challenging levels!



Challenging and addictive!


Free to play!


Beautiful particle effetcs!

Available for iPhone and iPod


  • Over 30 FREE levels to play!
  • Fun puzzles that probably will keep your brain busy for days!
  • Atmospheric levels with beautiful particle effects!


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