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The future looks bleak for Frank Maison, tied up in one of Columbia's worst prisons.


Sentenced to a life in prison, the only way out seems to be through a bodybag.


Maisons violent military past has brought him into a life behind bars, it now may seem ironic that his past now may be his ticket back to freedom.


When the sister of the African rebel leader Mahiri is captured by the country's ruthless dictator General Kafir - as a result of her political democratic commitment - Mahiri offers Maison to help him escape from prison in exchange for Maison to rescue Mahiris sister.



In the fight against one of Africa's most feared generals, and chased by the Columbian police, Maison is thrown into a mission that not only seems to be a pure death trap but also a moral suicide. Who has good intentions?


And above all, who can be trusted?



Amuk is an intense first-person-shooter game where joy of playing always were the guiding words during and through the whole development of the game.





Enemy bodies react to bullets and explosions!

Enemy bodies react to bullets and explosions!


Superior graphics!

Superior graphics!


Hour of playing awaits you!

Hours of playing awaits You!

Soon available Android Devices


  • Superior graphics, sound and visual effects
  • Large variety of weapons and levels
  • Low price for a game of this type

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